Rental WiFi Information and Sign up 

Dear lot rental owners,

WiFi has been an extremely requested service for our guests at Hearthside Grove. We are sending this letter to request that you sign up again this year to provide this service on your rental lot. Please fill out the form below and we will ensure the installation of this service on your Rental Lot.

The installation will be done by our team at no charge to you for setup. Charter WiFi services will be billed to you directly with a credit card. By adding the Hearthside Representative as an authorized user on your account we will be able to pick up the modems and install in a box that Hearthside Grove will supply and we will turn off service in the Fall as well.  The form below will be directly emailed to the Local Charter Office on M-119 here in Petoskey.  Once they are in receipt of the information below, Patrick McCleary (Charter Representative), will finalize the set up of your account and will then notify a Hearthside Representative that the equipment is ready for pick up at the Local Office.

The cost for this service will be prorated based on the time you sign up your account.  The monthly fee is $44.99 for the modem (60 mb service) plus taxes and $5.00 for a router rental per month. There is a $9.99 (one time) wireless router activation fee.  We would like to have all of the lots installed by May 20th and plan to turn off each service around October 15th.

*Please note that when the form is completed and submitted, billing will begin immediately.

Fill out my online form.

See below an example of the comments we hear about WiFi.

Hearthside Staff

” We could not believe how great the wifi was, we were able to hook up our 60″ tv to the internet and stream Netflix with ease”

“The wifi was so good here, I stayed extra nights because I could watch my cameras at my business while I was away”

“If I cannot connect with my Grandkids I would just stay home”

“before I ask about the pool and hot tub I need to know if the WiFi is reliable”