No matter what kind of motor coach you own, you undoubtedly choose the RV lifestyle for the freedom it affords you. Being able to roam wherever and whenever you want is one of the main advantages to owning a motor coach, and you certainly want to see some wonderful and beautiful things on the way, so it’s imperative that you have the right RV for you, your family and all your adventuring needs.

Anyone who has been an RV owner for a few years knows that as you discover all that the luxury RV lifestyle can offer you, there is always room for improvement on your motor coach.

Sometimes you can simply upgrade an appliance, or give the interior a make-over, but many times, what you really need is to trade-up. There are many reasons for upgrading to a bigger or more powerful recreational vehicle:

More Room

After a few years of discovering North America from coast to coast, the stories you bring with you back home with you will start to grow in the hearts and minds of your family and friends. They may inquire about the in’s and out’s of travelling via RV; curious as to what this luxury lifestyle on the road is really all about. If they’re lucky, you might want to invite them for a tour.

If you’ve got children and/or grandchildren, you know that there is simply no better way to spend quality time and make lasting memories like taking a trip together.

For all of these reasons, trading in for a new, more spacious floor plan could be just what you need.

More Power

The more we see, the more we want to see. Therefore, as you go through the seasons, there may be ever bigger mountains you want to climb, or a car or fun water toy that you want to be towing behind.

If your current RV just doesn’t have enough horse power to make your dreams come true, trading in for a more robust machine that will be able to take you as far as you want to go.

More Advanced Customizability

There have been countless innovations in the RV industry which make these vehicles much more user-friendly than ever before; quality kitchen appliances, assisted steering, LED TVs, ultra-maneuverable chassis, and automatic generators and just a few of the new choices available to motor coach owners.

If you’ve noticed some gaps in the functionality or ease with which you operate the vehicle, you might be ready to trade in your current vehicle for one that is better tailored to suit your tastes and preferences.

More Time on the Road

If a life on the road is calling you, you may be on the cusp of becoming a “full-timer,” and this will lead to the realization that your weekender vehicle just won’t cut the mustard. There are countless features and comforts that become necessary when you make the switch from taking trips, to living the adventure lifestyle 24/7.

For you, a trade in, to trade-up to a more residential motor coach arrangement is going to be the best move for you.

More Reliability

If your current rig hasn’t been performing as well as she once did, and has become a less-than-reliable travel companion, then it may behoove you to cut your losses and trade in.

There are many financial and safety related pitfalls to driving an aging RV, so if your motor coach has seen better days, then trading up to a vehicle that will be safe for your family and give you the peace-of-mind that only reliability can, when living life on the road.

No matter what the reason is for you wanting to trade-up, below we are going to explore the most important aspects of how to evaluate the condition of your RV before trading in your rig.  With this information you can get the best bang for your buck with your trade-in, and you will know what to look for in the new RV you choose to trade-up to.

Evaluation Checklist

  • Appliances – Are they clean and in good working condition? Are all owners manuals available for reference?
  • Batteries – Are the battery connections and wiring clean and free of corrosion? Do they hold a healthy charge?
  • Cabinets – Are they all fully functional and free of damage?
  • Ceiling – Are you able to see any evidence of water damage cause by roof leakage? Are all vents in working order?
  • Chassis – Is there any evidence of corrosion or rust on the underside of the vehicle? Be sure to also inspect the storage compartments and holding tanks.
  • Cockpit – Is everything from the power seats and mirrors, to the digital display and windshield wipers all functional?
  • Electrical – Are the wires and connections all working properly? This includes the light fixtures as well as the main circuitry, entertainment systems and satellite dishes.
  • Flooring – Are the panels and carpet secure and free from water damage?
  • Heating and Cooling Systems – Are both of these systems functional? Be sure to check the connections for leaks.
  • Paint – Does the exterior paint look clean and crack-free? Does the the RV need a coat of wax or to be detailed by an expert?
  • Plumbing – The main culprit of the worst kind of damage: water damage. Check everything from the holding tank, to the water heater and the faucets.
  • Roof – Are there any cracks or damage due to hail? Check for rips or peeling as well.
  • Service Compartment – Is this space well organized, clean and free of any strange odours?
  • Slide-Outs – Do all slide-outs move smoothly as they extend and retract?
  • Windows – Are the windows clean and free from fog and cracks?
  • Wheels and Tires – When was the last time the wheels were replaced and/or rotated? Check them for rust and excessive wear and tear.

Whether you are inspecting your current unit to decipher its trade-in value, or evaluating the bigger and better RV you’d like to own, if you take the time to address each aspect of  your motorhome, you’re sure to get the most value from your investment.
In Part Two of this series, we will explore how to use the findings from the above evaluation of your motor coach to determining the trade-in value. As well, we will touch on whether you should trade-in, or sell it yourself.

This kind of amazing customizability and freedom of readjusting our lifestyle to our preferences is what makes living a luxury RV lifestyle is truly the most comfortable, exciting and rewarding kind of life!

We would love to see you and your rig, and get to know what kind of adventures fuel your passion for the luxury RV lifestyle. Feel free to come for a visit here in stunning Petoskey, Michigan, and get a little taste of a luxury RV resort that truly feels like home away from home.