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The lovely and talented RyLee Madison is set to show off her musical chops right here at Hearthside Grove on Thursday, July 14th. Thanks to the generous people at Transwest RV for their sponsorship of the event.

Visit the event page: https://www.hearthsidegrove.com/events-calendar/rylee-madison-concert/

The Nova Scotia native singer/songwriter, who now calls Nashville her second home, has earned her name in the music industry with five awards won through the Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia. She has also been honored with seven nominations from the East Coast Music Awards, as well as the Just Plain Folks Awards. Her music is gaining growing attention across the U.S. and Canada, and we will be delighted to have her here performing at Hearthside Grove.



Madison’s most recent album, “Live in Nashville,” showcases the artist’s love of live acoustic music. The album was recorded in RyLee’s own “shack in the back” where the musicians were able to capture the chemistry and rawness that comes from performing live together, rather than each musician playing individually in a typical recording studio. This kind of recording atmosphere really added a warmth to the album’s final sound.  The ‘live’ element of performing was caught on tape and it translates to a really rich musical experience for the listener.

imageThis musical maven is found accompanying herself with both the guitar and the gandolin on every song of the album. She began her musical career at with singing at the age of 9, followed shortly thereafter by learning to play the ukulele and guitar, and she began writing her own songs at the age of 14, which lead to her recording debut album in 2002.

Now boasting 4 studio albums, 3 EP’s and 11 singles, her repertoire of over 1000 songs has been well received in the Country Music industry.

When RyLee is not performing, she is writing, mentoring and producing the music of other artists with her husband, Clay Krasner, under their Nashville-based company 7-17 MUSIC.

Although much of her time is spent in Nashville working on her music, she still visits Nova Scotia several times a year to be immersed in the East Coast culture with family and friends. She finds inspiration returning to her roots, and then brings that inspiration back to Nashville in the form of sweet sounding music that she simply loves to share.

To get a taste of what RyLee Madison will be bringing to Hearthside Grove this July, check out her website at www.ryleemadison.com.