When it comes to living the luxury RV lifestyle, “Living the dream” is a phase that is often expressed among the crowd. Living a dream lifestyle, full of adventure, pleasure and fulfillment is possible for those who choose to spend their retirement traveling by Class A motorhome.

Making the migration from north to south is not a new concept amongst those who are retired, however, when you make the trip in your own RV, you never have to sacrifice the comforts of home. Especially when you make Hearthside Grove your home-base in the north. Your retirement can be spent traveling from place to place, enjoying life as it comes, without ever having to pack or unpack.


This is the beauty of traveling by RV in your retirement.


Enjoying the luxury RV lifestyle means that you can be part of your children’s and grandchildren’s lives during important events, then continue to roll on, following your dreams, and seeing all the beauty this amazing country has to offer.

Even though it seems obvious that living an RV lifestyle affords you the opportunity to hike famous trails, see history first-hand and visit astounding national parks, but some wonder what people who have all this freedom could possibly do to fill their days?


To answer that question, just picture this scenario:


The sun has reached its settling point on the horizon, reflecting off the lake, it has been another sparkling day on the road.

Upon waking tomorrow, your choices are joining the cooking class, learning how to line dance, playing tennis at the court, or learning to create jewelry or pottery in the craft room.


The natural beauty of nature wakes you up to the sound of birds announcing another lovely day. You decide to hike through the redwoods, then sit down to a wholesome lunch from your backpack, and home to your RV again.

Watching the sun sink into the trees takes your breath away. Tip up a glass of local wine in your crystal goblet or plastic cup, your choice. Breathe in the clear air and the scent of the pines… now you’re really living the dream!


Pick Your Dream


If your dream is identifying and observing birds in their natural habitat, you could spend years tracking interesting new species across the country.

Perhaps you’ve always been interested in photography? Photography is another favorite among RV travelers; scrapbook projects and contests abound online for your best shots. You will be able to learn as you go, with plenty of pretty backgrounds to capture along the way.


Endless Lifestyle Choices


Do you have any more questions about what an RV retiree does to fill the day? Perhaps we should mention one other very popular activity; doing nothing.

Dozing in the sun, reading a book, emailing friends, chatting with neighbors, painting a picture – all play a part in the average luxury RV lifestyle week.

This lifestyle can be a very social one, but alone time is also a valid choice. You can easily escape the crowd, park alone in the desert or pines and commune with nature as long as you like. Pick your dream!

The manufacture and sales of recreational vehicles are skyrocketing. New RV designs are popping up to accommodate the buyers that plan to retire to their home on wheels. The term “full-time” in the RV world means committing to years traveling without a care in the world. This is living the dream!

Petoskey, here in picturesque Northern Michigan, is an incredible home base for those who enjoy living a nature-filled, luxury RV lifestyle. Come and make Hearthside Grove your home away from home!