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Video Transcript

 [00:00:00.00] Hearthside Grove really kind of brings us back to nature when we’re RVing. [00:00:10.20] It’s a setting that is like none other that we’ve ever experienced. [00:00:15.09] You’re in a very natural setting. The landscaping is second to none. [00:00:19.07] The people, the entire setup here, is just the best we’ve ever experienced. [00:00:22.22] It’s just beauty wherever you look. You see what people are doing to their lots, and it’s still amazing. [00:00:30.03] Just when you think they couldn’t do any better, another lot just pops up, and you go “wow!” [00:00:33.22] They also allow you so much creativity, that you get to put your own personality into the lot, which is really nice. [00:00:41.13] You start out with a lot, and then you let your imagination go from there. [00:00:48.14] Mike loves flowers, so we have a lot of landscaping and a lot of flowers. [00:00:52.23] We can grill outside here, we have an outside bar. Just sit around and socialize. [00:00:59.16] No matter how much you spend on a motorhome, you still only have one bedroom. [00:01:02.27] So, what’s really nice, is the addition – to be able to have a bungalow. [00:01:08.16] We have family stay, the kids can sleep up in the loft, you can put a little kitchen – some people have more elaborate kitchen, some have simple kitchens. So it’s very comfortable. [00:01:19.22] You can have guests while you’re here in the summer, that don’t have to stay in your motorhome. [00:01:26.29] We drove in here and you can tell the difference. We’ve never seen any campsite like this, anywhere. [00:01:31.27] We actually went out and bought a Class A, just so we could go to Hearthside Grove. That’s the truth, and it’s been a great investment, because we love it here. [00:01:41.23] We came up here six years ago to visit. The following year we came up and thought we’d just still visit, and within a day we purchased. [00:01:51.02] Within 48 hours. [laughter] [00:01:53.00] We came up here, not expecting to buy, and we were sitting out one night watching a beautiful sunset and said “this is the place!” [00:02:03.15] We’ve been to a lot of parks, and this by far rocks them all. [00:02:09.15] A tremendous location. I mean, you’re in Petoskey, so you’re on the water. [00:02:16.03] You’ve got the fishing, you’ve got the boating, you’ve got the Great Lakes around. [00:02:21.04] Harbor Springs. You’ve got a lot of history. Mackinac Island. The history is just unbelievable, and it’s kind of nice that some things don’t change. [00:02:27.22] We have our family up, our grandkids and our kids. We went to Mackinac Island yesterday and they love it so much they’re going back. [00:02:36.29] The golf courses are… every place! [00:02:39.03] Lots of nice restaurants, lots of beach areas. [00:02:46.05] I’ve got to admit, we stay here a lot. [00:02:49.04] Today, we hung out here at the pool. Last night we at their café. [00:02:53.00] Well, here at Hearthside you can go to the pool, you can play tennis. [00:02:58.07] If you ever need a place where you want to be very athletic, they’ve got lots of bike trails, beautiful workout facility. [00:03:06.16] You can go to the clubhouse, which is unlike any clubhouse we’ve ever seen in all of our travels. [00:03:13.15] You have the cooking school. A theater, so you can watch Netflix, movies, DVDs. [00:03:20.23] And then of course every Saturday morning we have a breakfast for everybody at the park. [00:03:23.11] You meet a lot of interesting people, from all different walks of life, and all over the country. [00:03:28.10] We just love it here. [00:03:29.22] The people, the staff. [00:03:30.28] They go above and beyond. [00:03:32.14] They’re nonstop from dawn to dusk, and they’re very considerate. [00:03:36.27] [I appreciate that, and I’ll call you when I come in.] [00:03:39.22] You can’t say enough for the Roses that developed the place. [00:03:43.07] The Rose family, they just have servant hearts. [00:03:48.27] This park is so family. [00:03:52.03] And there are several families with children our same age, so it’s not just a resort for a more mature audience. [00:03:59.21] I feel safe. So you know if your kids are biking around or whatever, you know that there are other people looking out for them. It’s a really nice community to be a part of. [00:04:06.21] Great sunsets on our lot, and we don’t get tired looking at that. No. [00:04:12.20] Around the country there are similar places where you can purchase. But there is nothing, nothing to compare to Hearthside Grove. [00:04:20.27] You will not find anything like this. You won’t find the people like this. [00:04:25.04] We’re all a family here. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you did, we all have something in common. [00:04:32.25] And that brings us all together, and we enjoy it. [00:04:36.12] As one big family up here. Yeah, absolutely.