There is so much more to discover here…

This is a place that is known for its lush, green forests, sparkling lakes, and an abundance of incredible outdoor adventures. Along with the majestic natural surroundings, Northern Michigan has so much more to boast. There is a teasingly diverse number of discoveries that are an absolute ‘must-see’ here in the northern half of the Wolverine State.

As you plan your luxury RV summer getaway to Hearthside Grove, keep these gems in mind:

  • Visit a Real Castle

Located on the out-skirts of Charlevoix, MI., Castle Farms is a castle built by Albert Loeb in 1918. This castle was originally constructed to showcase his prize cattle and antique farm equipment.

The castle was sold in 1969 to rock promoter Arthur Reibel, who decided to make use of the locale for magnificent concerts, which boasted performances by legends such as The Police, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys and many more.

If you were to visit this castle today, you would be delighted to find that it has been restored to it’s original majesty as a French Renaissance castle akin to ones that would be found in Normandy.  However, there is so much more to this castle than just its history.

Throughout the grounds are an intricate network of outdoor model railroad tracks, and elegantly landscaped gardens on a multi-terraced vista, set amid fragrant roses, gracing this splendid parterre. In the iconic buildings are displayed antique toys, castles, and a giant chess sets, along with royal family memorabilia from around the world.

Not to mention they offer exclusive Twilight Tours with an amazing farm-to-table dinner, that happens just four times during the summer season. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

  • Great Local Beer

When it comes to microbreweries, Michigan boasts some of the best in all of America. With over 200 microbreweries, this is truly beer country. For a few years now, brewpubs have been popping up in cities and towns all across this great state, and you would be amiss if you didn’t stop in and experience a taster flight of the local barley and hops.

For a taste of the local Petoskey flavor, you will want to try Beard’s Brewery, and Petoskey Brewing. If you don’t have time to stop and have a tipple, there’s usually a take-home beer option which will allow you to take a sample on the road, so you can have a tasty, ice-cold beer when you arrive at your luxury RV destination.

  • Hemingway was Inspired Here

If you are a Hemmingway fan, there is no better place to visit than historic Petoskey.  Hemingway spent 21 of his summers here in the Petoskey area, and you can tour many of his old haunts which later became the setting for many of The Nick Adams Stories. You will will discover the place where Hemingway played billiards, where he went for a shave and haircut, and even where he wrote his stories.

Petoskey Yesterday, offers walking and driving tours of historic Petoskey and sites associated with Ernest Hemingway. Additionally, it has a wide selection of out of print Hemingway books and vintage images and collectables related to both Petoskey and Hemingway. An absolute must-see for literary aficionados.

  • Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes

There is an unfortunate history of shipwrecks happening in the Great Lakes. These tragedies have left traces of the past. These silent, sunken time capsules are a fascinating excursion back in time to the industrial ages of American shipping History. Take a tour in a glass bottomed boat, or cruise the water and learn about the 14 lighthouses in the area that lit the way for the mariners, and hear the stories of the ships that the light could not save.

These adventures explore a piece of the rich history that makes this area so fascinating. Hearthside Grove is a perfect home-away-from-home for all of you travellers who enjoy the finer experiences that this amazing place has to offer.

We are excited to share another awe-inspiring season of discoveries with you here in beautiful Petoskey!