What makes Liberty Coach superior to other Prevost conversions?


Some call it style, other might call it sophistication, but whatever you call it, there’s something alluring about Liberty Coach that you won’t find in any other Prevost conversion.

Since 1968, this family-owned-and-operated private coach converter has fulfilled travellers’ dreams with impressive attention to detail. Making sure that each coach is carefully handcrafted and perfectly engineered for enjoyment is the cornerstone of the Liberty manufacturing process. Liberty remains a labor of love today – a company doing what they love to do, and doing it better than anyone else.

The impeccable attention to detail is noticable when beholding the excellence of Liberty Coach’s design. The luxury lifestyle rings true with such features as top tier appliances, including such brands as Bosch, Miele and Jenn-Air, the professional quality audio/video systems, as well as the very latest in navigation and control technology. All included parts are from suppliers who represent the very best in their fields, and as such, are a valuable addition to the high-quality standards of each Liberty Coach.


Best Features


  • State of the art electrical architecture, the Mortiz Octoplex, is a revolutionary electrical system that reduces the weight of a coach by up to 400 pounds, while allowing a completely wireless control of the Crestron system.
  • The powerful Crestron C3 processor, combined with their own Liberty i-Link interface, makes for an  incomparably easy-to-use touchscreen control of virtually all coach systems.
  • One of the most favored Tier-4 Certified energy systems ,which is the industry’s first and only solution to to the EPA’s tough new emissions standards, combines a tier-4 Onan generator with Volta Power system’s revolutionary 58-volt lithium ion battery pack.
  • Liberty’s signature cockpit design increases comfort and reduces drive fatigue, and all of the controls are within reach on the dash-mounted iPad – the cutting edge in remote control technology.

In an average year, Liberty Coach will complete 28 lifestyle coach conversions on both the Prevost XLII and the Prevost H3-45 VIP bus shells/chassis’. Each bus shell, supplied by Prevost, has the slideouts installed and the exterior painted, including a graphics scene, as requested.

When the coaches are prepared to be delivered to Liberty,  the coach bays are empty, and the interior contains only a single disposable seat, which is used to deliver the shell to Liberty’s 32,000-sqaure foot modern production and design facility in North Chicago.

When Liberty Coach takes possession and begins to work the company magic, it takes on average four months to complete a conversion.

Thanks to computer-aided design, and state-of-the-art routing equipment, Liberty’s craftspeople are able to create the intricate cabinets and countertop designs for the interior, something for which the company is well known.

Liberty prides itself on maintaining an extremely high level of quality at every stage of the conversion process, so the manufacturing process is continually overseen by brothers Kurt and Frank Jr. of the founding Konigseder family.

Kurt runs the Chicago facility; designing floor plans, and overseeing many of the day-to-day manufacturing operations. Kurt’s wife, Kim, works closely with him on the floor plan designs, and she is the head interior designer.

Frank is responsible for sales and service, and does much of the engineering. His wife, Carolyn, designs the exterior paint schemes, plans the rallies, and coordinates the company’s marketing. This truly is a family operation, and the heart can be felt in every single luxury RV coach that is carefully created by Liberty Coach.

The synergy between Liberty Coach and Hearthside Grove is noticeable in the business models which are both built upon a foundation of quality, intelligent design and unique customizability. Come visit us in Petoskey, MI. for your own experience of the highest in motor coach resort luxury.


Liberty Coach Inc.,
1400 Morrow Ave.,
North Chicago, IL. 60064
(800) 332-9877;

Liberty Coach of Florida Inc.
(Prevost factory-authorized service center),
635 S.E. Monterey Road, Stuart, FL.34994
(800) 554-9877;