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Golf Cart Rental

An exciting new feature is now being offered by the resort raising the standard for luxury motorcoach living. Golf Cart rental is now available on a first come first serve basis and what better way to compliment your stay at Hearthside than a smooth quiet ride of an electric golf cart.

We understand mobility around the resort is very important while at the resort and a golf cart rental is the perfect solution. Don’t hesitate to reserve a Golf Cart today for your upcoming visit to the resort. To ensure your cart before arrival simply complete the form below, read the agreement and Submit. We will contact you to confirm and gather the required deposit

Hearthside Grove maintains a fleet of golf carts for lease to our customers on a first come first serve basis. Agreement will be between Hearthside Grove, (including its employees/agents) (Lessor) and Individual, (Lessee or I) listed at address above and signed by an authorized representative.
Vehicle Agreement



      1. I accept use of vehicles leased during the agreement year and accept full responsibility for the care of the equipment while it is in my possession.
      2. I will be responsible for the replacement at fair market retail value of any equipment during the agreement year, including damage or loss while it is in my possession.
      3. I agree to return all equipment by the agreed date in clean condition to avoid any additional charges.
      4. I agree to safely store vehicles (under roof if available) and to properly secure at night and such other times as not in use.
      5. I agree to keep sufficient and adequate electrical charging outlets and watering facilities for the batteries which are part of the vehicle.
      6. I agree to be solely responsible for the cost of all electricity for the vehicles leased and will inform Lessor of any repairs needed to vehicles within one to two business days. I will allow Lessor to come onto the premises to pickup or repair the vehicles on site as needed. I agree to allow Lessor to perform on site routine maintenance to vehicles under long term (monthly or longer) lease rentals.
      7. I agree to pay the rental and any delivery charges to the Lessor for the use of the vehicles to be leased under this agreement and set forth in a document to be executed by Lessor and Lessee at the time of delivery of the vehicles. If the Lessee uses the vehicles for any additional days prior or after the rental dates originally set forth on the rental order, additional charges will incur at normal daily rental rates. Rental monies will be due and payable upon receipt of this agreement, of Lessor’s invoice (incl. Any sales taxes or tax exempt certificate). All payments shall be made to the Lessor.
      8. Lessee does not have the right to assign this lease.
      9. Lessor retains the right, without judicial process to withdraw the vehicles covered by this lease for nonpayment of rent and/or delivery charges or for user abuse beyond ordinary and reasonable wear and tear. If vehicles are not returned as provided. Lessor may repossess the same at any time without demand or notice and wherever same may be located and without any court order or other process of law, and may enter upon the premises of Lessee for that purpose.
      10. Delinquent installments of rental and delivery charges shall bear interest at the lower of (a) eighteen percent (18%) per annum or (b) the highest per annum interest rate allowed by law. In the event this lease is placed in the hands of an attorney to recover any monies due or become due hereunder, or for the possession of the vehicles, Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless lessor against any and all cost, liability, or expense arising out of any claims of any person or persons whatever of reason except for defects in the design or manufacturer of the vehicles, which is the responsibility of the manufacturer, or gross negligence or willful misconduct of the lessor.
      11. I agree to hold harmless the Lessor, its agents, servants, and employees from any and all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, liabilities, judgments, orders, decrees, awards, costs, expenses, attorney’s fees, and claims on account of damage to property or injuries to person (including death) which may be sustained by lessee or any other person or entity arising out of or in connection with the lease, unless at the lessor’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.
      12. I shall at my own expense maintain and keep in effect valid and collectible homeowners insurance covering any and all claims, damages, actions or causes of action arising out of the operations, possession, maintenance, use, loading, and unloading. By using the vehicle, I represent that I have insurance coverage in sufficient amounts necessary to defend all claims or actions brought against the Lessor and to pay any damages, costs, or other liabilities in connection therewith. Insurance is the customer’s responsibility. Customer is strongly advised to contact their insurance provider to ensure they have the proper personal liability insurance. Customer’s Liability is not reduced or limited by any deficiency in insurance limits or coverage. Lessee shall furnish Lessor with a copy of the declaration page of their homeowner’s policy, if needed. A copy of a valid driver’s license is also required.
      13. This agreement is governed by the applicable law of this state. If any part of this agreement is determined unenforceable, all other parts shall be given full force and effect.
      14. Refund policy. Full refund will apply if notified 14 days prior to arrival date. If reservation is cancelled less than 14 days prior to arrival date, Lessee will receive a 50% refund.
      15. I understand that the vehicle will only be operated by individuals with a valid drivers license. Underage drivers shall be in the accompaniment of licensed driver at all times.

AGREEMENT: I understand that full payment is due, in full, upon time of vehicle reservation and that this vehicle agreement is solely between Hearthside Grove and the undersigned.

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( *see requirement 12 )
Full deposit is required at date of reservation. We will be contacting you to obtain your credit card information. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have read and fully understand this Vehicle Agreement in its entirety.


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