If you’ve yet to visit the gallery of fine artists here at Hearthside Grove, then this is the perfect time to be introduced to some of the major local talent in the art world.

We would like to introduce you to the stunningly realistic artwork of Connie McEwan. Her painting style has evolved since the 1980’s, when she focused mainly on still-life and portrait work. While these beginnings are still relevant in her pieces today, she has expanded her style to the Venetian Oil genre.

Connie feels that her work is closely aligned with contemporary realism since she paints true-to-life objects. The precise attention to detail and the fluid layers of glaze really suit the subjects she chooses, particularly with the animal portraits.


The Venetian Oil painting style is an evolution of the Flemish technique using transparent glazes to create an optical illusion on the canvas. The image is first carefully drawn, then the imprimatura – a thin covering of a half-tone shade – is applied which allows for the proper value definition in the lights and darks to come.

With great attention to detail, the subject is then rendered in a monotone – or grissaile – which makes the painting look like a black and white photo.

At this point, colors, lights and shadows are adjusted and lines are softened or tightened, and emphasized. This is followed by glazing in thin transparent veils of color used to add depth, adjust color or temperature of the image.

This extensive painting process has been mastered by Connie over the years, and you really do need to make a visit to the Hearthside Grove art gallery to see for yourself just how exquisite this art form truly is.