Bringing Bodywork to Hearthside

By Rachel Zegerius

As Hearthside Grove gears up for the stunningly sunlit days of summer in Petoskey, medical manual therapist Kevin Greene enthusiastically awaits the opportunity to provide visitors with high-quality massage treatments. That’s right folks….this year, added to the distinctive amenities offered at the luxury motorcoach resort are individual, customized, and highly specialized massage therapy treatments offered by Kevin Greene, CMT, LMT.

Kevin is an independent massage therapist, licensed and certified to practice in the state of Michigan. He has helped hundreds of clients in the Petoskey area over the past 2 years, both at his prior office at Discover Chiropractic and at the Friendship Center of Emmet County. Many of Hearthside’s community members are already familiar with Kevin’s work and can attest to the fact that he is a trusted and accomplished practitioner.

Kevin’s unique massage techniques have emerged from his training in Scandinavian Mobilization Therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to normalize soft tissue and restore movement to joints that have lost normal function due to injury, disease, or repetitive use.

In theory, healthy joints are pain free and exhibit normal range of motion. But, for many of us, our reality is far from this ideal. We are all too familiar with the stiffness, discomfort, and inflammation that can accompany our daily activities. And, when we do our best to stay active and healthy – it often takes its toll on our joints and muscles. But, with such a short summer season in Northern Michigan – we cannot afford for our tennis, swimming, jogging and pickleball routines to suffer!

Kevin evaluates each client’s individual needs, based on a brief intake interview and a physical assessment of structural landmarks. He then creates a treatment plan unique to your specific needs.
Kevin’s gentle, passive movements focus on the restoration of normal joint function and range of motion, the elimination of inflammation, as well as the reduction of edema. His treatments improve mobility in areas that are restricted and are effective at decreasing pain. In addition to experiencing these benefits, many clients declare an overall sense of relaxation and well-being that accompanies these massages.

Originally from Glastonbury, Connecticut, Kevin is now a year-round Petoskey resident. An active outdoorsman, he loves all of the activities Northern Michigan has to offer. Prior to finding his way into the healing arts, Kevin was a distinguished chef and lived in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont. Along with his specialized techniques, Kevin’s intentional presence and mindfulness set him apart from other massage therapists. Each client can expect to experience individual, personalized attention and remarkable results.

One client’s story……
After a long day of helping with wheelchair transfers – in and out of the car, on and off the bed, in and out of the doctor’s office – my back is screaming at me. A dull, deep ache starts to surface and wrap fully around both hips and into my abdomen. It feels as though the muscles would prefer to spasm rather than relax. I am lucky to know Kevin and to be scheduled to see him that afternoon.
Kevin stretches and kneads the bellies of my muscles – naming each, and the corresponding technique, if asked. He confidently zeroes in on the problem area and efficiently releases pain and tightness. After my treatment, it’s hard to believe that only 30 minutes prior I was strained to even lay down. – Ms. Quandt

Not everyone can expect to experience immediate relief of long-standing injuries after just one treatment. However, you can expect that your medical massage appointment will put you on the path to healing.

Starting June 16th, Kevin will be available for 30 and 60 minute massage treatments, on-site, by appointment only. You can reach him by phone to make your appointment today at 269-615-9931.

Contact: Kevin Greene, CMT, LMT
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 269-615-9931