If you are looking to purchase the perfect Class A motor coach for your lifestyle, then you must go into the buying process with a strong idea of what you and your family truly want and need in your ideal motorhome.  Since there are so many spectacular models of RV out there, once you start taking tours of the magnificent machines, you are bound to be swept away by all the possibilities that await you.

To ensure you find the luxury motor coach that will satisfy your desire to adventure for many years to come, we have compiled a list of the essentials you will have wanted to consider before the shopping even begins.

In part one of the Art of Buying a Motorhome, we looked at the 3 most important aspects: the size, the fuel and the engine. Once you know how much space, storage and power you will need to live your luxury RV lifestyle, you will have been able to narrow down the possibilities of which motorhomes can fulfil your wants and needs.


Servicing Your RV

The next thing you will want to consider is how easily accessible it will be to have your motor coach serviced, whether for tune-ups or break-downs on the road. Of course, we never plan on something going wrong, but when you’re miles from your home service centre, you want to know that you won’t be stuck for long.  Check with the dealers of each motor coach you are seriously interested in to find out what is covered by the warranty, and for how long.

Then the question becomes, once the warranty expires, where can you get your RV serviced with confidence?

Most major Class A motor coach manufacturers have service stations from coast to coast but do make sure to check and see if their accredited service centres are on the routes that you like to take. Knowing that you will always be able to depend on the right people if something should go wrong will keep you travelling with confidence.


Powering Your RV

One of the most crucial aspects of your motor vehicle is electronics system that will power your lifestyle. Most RV’s made these days have both the 120v and 12v electrical systems built in.  Depending on how much living you plan to do in your motorhome, and where you plan on spending most of your nights, will determine if you will need to factor in travelling with a generator.  Although most Class A motor coaches will have a reliable generator built in, it is important information to pay attention to, because if you happen to choose a motor coach without one, you will be adding upwards of 500 lbs to the load you will be carrying, when you eventually have to purchase a generator.

Should you be stationary, and able to connect to the 120v electrical pedestal of the resort or campsite more often than not, you might be able to get away with foregoing the generator and relying on the 12v power that is produced by the battery. But of course, the 12v battery source is much less powerful and certainly not sustainable if you plan on using any appliances.

Also, consider if you will need electrical controls which can be accessed from a remote location. Controlling your unit or checking critical gauges from a distance might be important to you, and if you consider this prior to purchase, you will save yourself some frustration later.

We hope that you found this information to be useful and helpful as your about to invest in a vehicle that will help you enjoy all the luxuries of life, while you venture through the amazing countryside that this beautiful country has to offer.

We hope we will see you again soon here in breath-taking Northern Michigan, at Hearthside Grove!

Be safe and enjoy your explorations.