There are many factors to take into consideration when you are purchasing a Class A motorhome, but there are a few that you may take a closer look at. This piece will provide a high-level overview as you begin the purchasing process and look forward to the days of travel freedom.


This is the first thing to consider when buying a motorcoach since the length and capacity of Class A motorhomes can vary greatly. To know which size is best for you and your family’s travel and living needs, you will have to consider a few things:

How do you plan on using the coach – both on the road and when you reach your destination?

You want your coach to accommodate all the things you want to do, whether that belong, leisurely tours all around the country or adventurous terrain expeditions which require more power and agility than if one were driving on the highway.

How many people will you typically be sleeping? How will the sleeping arrangements work best for you and your family?

Beds, bunk beds or sofa-sleepers? This will help you determine how much space you will need inside of the motor coach.

How much gear will be accompanying you?

You will need to determine how much storage space will be needed both inside and outside of the motor coach. Make a list of the adventure gear that you want to have with you, and this will aid you in figuring out just how much space your motor coach will need to have.

What type of campgrounds or resorts will you be staying at? Are there length restrictions to think about?

Basing the size of the coach on what your actual needs and wants are will prevent you from making one of the most frustrating mistakes an RV owner can make; choosing an RV that does not have ample space.  Don’t worry about your ability to maneuver a larger vehicle, you will certainly gain the skill required with practice. But you can’t make a motorhome grow more space, so get the perfect sized RV for you and your family the first time around by considering the above questions.


There is no better or worse when it comes to choosing the type of fuel your motorhome will run on. What is really important to consider is what it is that you want to use the RV for.

When it comes time to compare gas vs. diesel, diesel motorhomes are more efficient. Its high energy density can offer upwards of 10% better fuel economy.

If you are looking to drive cross-country and live in your RV full-time, engine power and efficiency are likely high on your list of priorities, so begin your search with diesel-fuelled motorhomes. These vehicles tend to be of higher quality and are more suited to someone who will be spending much time in the motorhome.

If your vehicle will be used primarily for vacations and will be stored for part of the year, then it makes sense to choose a gas engine RV.  The higher-end gas models can certainly be just as luxurious as their diesel engined counterparts.


Along the same lines as deciding what type of fuel will be best for your motorhome needs, what kind of power you require in the engine is also a major consideration.

What do you expect your RV to do in terms of speed, hill climbing, and towing?

A good rule of thumb when it comes to calculating the power required to move your coach load is a minimum of 10 horsepower for every ton of coach weight that you want to move. Be sure to consider the tow weight as well when totaling the final equation.

Because of the higher efficiency of diesel fuel, diesel engines can supply a lot of torque without raising the RPMs. These vehicles are generally more powerful and well-suited to making long journeys and climbing over varied terrains.

This is just the first set of things to consider when it comes time to purchase your ideal Class A motorhome. Stay tuned to find out more on the art of buying a motor coach that will fit your luxury lifestyle.

We hope that your new RV will help you to enjoy all the luxuries that life has to offer here in Northern Michigan, we look forward to seeing you and your spectacular recreational vehicle here at Hearthside Grove soon!

Be safe and enjoy your explorations.