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The team at Hearthside Grove have been carefully working to create a beautiful environment and unforgettable experiences for their residents in the heart of Northern Michigan. You can trust that the same dedication to producing an unbeatable hospitality experience will be passionately applied to building your luxurious new living space.

Lot Selection: Where Your Journey Begins

At Hearthside Grove, we want to ensure that all owners get the maximum enjoyment from their time in Northern Michigan. We understand everyone has a unique style and varying needs when it comes to building out their dream motorcoach site.

For this reason we offer a variety of lots as unique as their owners. The stunning lots in our newest enclave, Conifer, vary in size from almost 7,000 square feet to well over 14,000 square feet. Beyond the beautiful landscaping and water features you’ve come to expect from Hearthside Grove, many of our newest offerings in Conifer are framed by a natural stream, rolling embankments and a beautifully wooded backdrop.
site plan of the new construction

Showcasing Our Signature Plans

Unveil the Possibilities with Hearthside Grove
At Hearthside Grove, we take immense pride in presenting a range of meticulously designed plans that reflect our commitment to luxury and comfort. Each plan is crafted in collaboration with our clients, ensuring that every detail aligns with your unique vision and lifestyle. Our designs blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of Northern Michigan, enhancing your living experience with thoughtful layouts and premium features.

Our Architecture Partner

Let your creativity shine with a custom design with our architecture partner, Visbeen Architecture. Wayne Visbeen is nationally renowned and has a very special skill that allows him to interact with you and sketch live so you can see the design come together before your eyes. Wayne and his team are experts in indoor and outdoor design and can make the most of our beautiful properties for any size and budget.

Wayne Visbeen • AIA, IIDA

Wayne Visbeen, AIA, IIDA, is the principal and founder of Visbeen Architects Inc. With a creative vision and technical expertise, he transforms clients' dreams into architectural realities.

As a licensed architect and registered interior designer, Visbeen excels in crafting residential and commercial projects that are visually stunning and functionally efficient. He prioritizes creative solutions, ensuring each plan is unique and better. His designs integrate interior layouts with overall architecture, considering furnishings and livability to create cohesive plans that exceed client expectations. Visbeen's passion for architecture was influenced by his grandfather, a self-taught architect and builder, and his father, a construction company owner.

Visbeen's live design approach captures real-time client input, streamlining the creation of tailored projects. Under his leadership, Visbeen Architects has received hundreds of national awards and completed projects across the globe. Visbeen is a member of AIA, IIDA, and AIBD, and resides in East Grand Rapids, where he draws inspiration from travel and the world around him.
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Build & Design FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Get ready to enjoy your luxurious new living space with the peace of mind you deserve. The Hearthside Grove Team is committed to delivering a seamless delivery and plush living experience. Allow us to answer some frequently asked questions:

Will my project be move-in ready?
Absolutely! Our amazing team of builders will be sure to complete a close-out binder for your project, making sure there are no details unaccounted for. No need to worry about a pesky punch list after you settle in.
What about property maintenance?
Never stress about a paint touch-up or chipped tile again. Our on-property design build team will keep detailed records of your project so you don’t have to. We will quickly retrieve any information of materials necessary to keep your investment looking pristine.
Is there a warranty?
Yes, for both products and craftsmanship. We work hard to identify manufacturers that stand behind their products with solid manufacturer’s warranties. You can also count on our team of incredible build- ers to stand behind their work. All craftsmanship is covered against defects for 12 months.
How can I reach my builder?
We aren’t going anywhere! One of the greatest benefits to building with Hearthside Grove is knowing your builder is always available to you. Our building manager is on site, and ready to help you work through anything that comes up with your new living space, well after project completion.
Am I required to build right away when I purchase a property?
No, you can enjoy the property with your motorcoach, rent it out and then if and when you are ready to personalize it our team can assist.
Do I need to build structures or can I build a firepit and landscaping to enjoy the outdoors?
You can build as little or as much as you wish and also do it in phases over time.
Can I use my property without a motorcoach?
Yes, there is not requirement related to owning or having a motorcoach present so you and your family can utilize your bungalow and other improvements all year round at your convenience.
Do you have standard designs?
We do have plans of all sizes for both indoor and outdoor living. You can select one of these or create something unique.
How would I go about designing something special that is a perfect fit for my needs?
Our design team can discuss with you what you would like to achieve and from the designers to the craftsmen we have the people in place to make it happen.

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